Support Services

Villanova University provides programs, activities and services to support your well-being on all levels: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and physical. Services such as the Center for Multicultural Affairs, Office of Disability Services and Student Health Center provide personal attention to meet the needs of all students.

The Office of Disability Services was established to ensure that all students with disabilities receive support services and accommodations to allow them equal access to all Villanova University programs. The Student Health Center at Villanova University provides a safe, caring, respectful and confidential environment, and advocates healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

The Center for Multicultural Affairs provides a welcoming atmosphere and services to support the University's mission of respecting individual differences, and adhering to the principle that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of University life. The office works to engage the greater Villanova community in programs, events, and processes of personal development involving issues of global and domestic differences.