Community of Learners

The University?s educational approach based on the teachings of St. Augustine is to engage both heart and mind. He believed in the concept of a community of learners, whereby each person?in sharing his or her individual talents with the larger group?achieves spiritual, personal and intellectual growth.

The Augustinian ideal of a community of learners makes Villanova a university like no other. A diverse, vibrant group of students, professors, staff, Augustinians and alumni create Villanova?s community-and this extended family is the foundation of your undergraduate experience.

You feel this sense of community at the very beginning through the Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS) during their first year. This is the cornerstone of life at Villanova. Students live with their ACS classmates in the same residence hall. All ACS sections are taught by faculty members who encourage discussion and dialogue both in and out of the classroom.