The Center for Peace and Justice Education

The Center for Peace and Justice Education is a member of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as a division of the Office for Mission and Ministry. The Center houses a variety of student organizations, sponsors numerous lectures and films, and presents annual awards for outstanding work in peace and justice.

The Center sponsors a number of different student groups whose mission is to address specific issues of social justice consistent with the values and mission of the University. These organizations spread awareness of peace and justice education on campus to Greater Philadelphia and to the World. Through organizations like Catholic Relief Services and Water for Waslala, Villanova students apply Catholic teachings to the complex problems of our time.

The academic component of the center is an interdisciplinary program informed by the Catholic social tradition that focuses on issues of social justice and peace. Courses focus on the components of a moral and just society, and provide opportunities to learn the necessary skills for peacemaking. Most peace and justice courses meet requirements of the core curriculum. Students in each of the schools and colleges of the University can complete a minor or concentration in Peace and Justice.